Patient Instructions: Whitening

  1. Thoroughly brush and floss teeth.TeethWhitening1

  2. Place a small drop of bleach solution in the tray, for each tooth that needs to be whitened. DO NOT OVERFILL.

  3. Place the mouth tray with gel into mouth and over teeth. Press gently against mouth tray with fingers to put tray in place.

  4. If gel oozes out as you place the tray, remove excess gel from gums with an absorbent material such as cotton swab, making sure to remove all gel from your gums and gumline.

  5. Wear tray 2-3 hours. When treatment has been completed remove mouth tray. Brush your teeth and tray with a wet toothbrush to remove any residual whitening gel.

  6. Take Ibuprofen 1 hour prior to placing gel if sensitivity occurs.

  7. Please telephone our office with any concerns or questions.